1:1 session and performance review

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More than 1 year ago, in Domingo Alonso Goup and more specifically in AIDA, we have perfected two processes that, today, we consider essential for any company.

The 1:1 process aims to foster a relationship of confidence between each person and his or her manager. This technique involves individual meetings scheduled at least every 15 days between the two. This session provides an opportunity to give and receive feedback, discuss progress and challenges, as well as address any issues that may arise in a confidential and supportive environment.

For us these sessions are essential as they allow us to offer a zone of confidence for each of us in which we can express our needs and feelings in a natural and safe way.

In addition to these sessions, we conduct, twice a year, performance reviews of each person that makes up AIDA.

The performance assessment is a systematic evaluation of the work performance of each of us and our overall contribution to the company. At AIDA, we carry out a 270º assessment, since it is completed by the person being evaluated (self-assessment), his or her manager, the colleagues with whom he or she works regularly and, in the case of the evaluation of managers, also the team he or she leads.

In these evaluations we assess the skills defined for each role within the corresponding career plan (engineering, service desk, consulting, etc). But the most important thing is not the evaluations but the feedback that each participant must add to justify his or her assessment. Thanks to this, the person assessed will be able to know exactly where he/she can improve and define actions to achieve it.

Finally, in this performance evaluation process, we set his or her personal objectives, which will also help him or her in his or her professional growth and development. 

These 2 processes have helped us enormously to:

  • Improve our communication and interpersonal relationships.
  • Improve individual professional growth.
  • Improve our productivity.
  • Improve team satisfaction.
  • Improve conflict resolution.

In short, it has been key to improving the welfare and growth of each of the people who make up AIDA, as fundamental principles at Domingo Alonso Group.

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