Recommended and certified supplier by VW factory at the”VW LAM’s After Sales Week”

by | Oct 27, 2023 | AIDA | 0 comments

Picture this scenario: We are at the “VW LAM Aftersales Week,” an event that gathered Volkswagen’s aftersales leaders from all over Latin America with a clear goal in mind: to introduce SIMA Suite as the official DMS solution recommended by Volkswagen for all markets and importers in the region.

In this journey, we encountered a fascinating challenge. In a market where only three DMS systems have Volkswagen’s certification, the ability to work with multiple brands became a rare find. This is where we come in.

The response we received from conference attendees was extremely positive and encouraging. Our partnership with Volkswagen Factory has proven to be a valuable collaboration that has definitely helped us to consolidate our position as a key player in the industry. SIMA Suite is the provider of choice for key interfaces such as Elsa, Saga and PPSo. Our comprehensive functionality continues to exceed expectations, making us a pioneering force in the market.

This event has been a crucial milestone for us as it has helped us gain recognition in the market. SIMA Suite has emerged as a synonym for efficient DMS solution not only in Brazil but also throughout Latin America. We are confident about the future and excited by the promising opportunities that lie ahead.

Join us on this exciting journey towards automotive innovation!

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