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If there is one thing we can be proud of at AIDA, it is how we are and how we strive every day to improve

AIDA has gone through many phases; many years of learning, of failures and successes, of sadness and joy. Not everything has been, nor is, a bed of roses, but we can say with firmness and pride that, in all these phases, each one of us has given our best, we have tucked ourselves in as a family and we have grown together. 

In recent years, we are experiencing a sweet time characterized by fast growth and, unavoidably, fast adaptation. We have grown from a family of 56 people (at the beginning of 2020) to almost 90. This has meant that we have had to learn, apply what we have learned, make mistakes and learn again. 

Today, we are still learning, of course, it is something that comes innate in our DNA, but we can say that we have the necessary mechanisms to work in an organized environment, with focus and above all that takes care of all the people who compose it.

If we have to define our culture we could say that our fundamental pillars are:

  • Each of the people who make up AIDA. It is our greatest value, which is why we try to listen and adapt to their needs, enhance their skills and offer opportunities for growth. Always respecting and supporting the family reconciliation of each one.
  • Focus our work on objectives, trying to reduce administrative processes that may block our daily work. We are committed to team self-management, innovation, decision making and the nature of taking risks and making mistakes.
  • Training and innovation. Something indispensable if we want to be better every day 👏 We cannot conceive our day to day without having training processes, collaborators who help us in our learning, attending events, meeting people who can inspire us, trying new ideas or processes, new roles, crazy ideas,… We love to experiment.

Although there are some things that are better to check by yourself… So: sit back, relax, and enjoy AIDA! 🙂 

Of course, this is not a world of rainbows and glitter, so we often make mistakes and mess up 😣 But we are able to assume our mistakes without pointing fingers, to accept that people and companies make mistakes and do our best to learn and improve.

Our principles

  • Aim for excellence  
    • Work every day to achieve excellence in your work.
    • Recognize that being good is not enough for a competitive industry. 
    • Challenge yourself, set high standards and don’t settle for mediocrity.
  • Drive change
    • Question why things are done the way they are. 
    • Promote and propose changes that help improve any aspect of the company. 
    • Take risks, make mistakes and learn from them.
  • Promote positivity and humility
    • Try to be positive both with yourself and with your colleagues. 
    • Make your colleagues’ days brighter, you will see that this helps you too. 
    • If you don’t like something, before making a decision/opinion about it, promote the possibility of clarifying things before assuming anything. 
    • Be aware and acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them. 
    • Be open-minded if a colleague offers constructive feedback and always thank him/her for it. Keep in mind that if he/she does so, it is because he/she appreciates you and wants you to evolve. 
    • Apologize if it is necessary for you or for a colleague.
  • Help your colleagues to be the best
    • Share knowledge, skills, experiences. 
    • Work together with them to overcome challenges and achieve goals. 
    • Rejoice your colleagues’ achievements as if they were your own.
    • Give them constructive feedback to help them improve.
  • Improve yourself and stay motivated
    • Be concerned about continually developing your skills and knowledge. 
    • Ask for the resources you need to achieve excellence. 
    • Ask for active feedback from other team members.
    • Share with your manager what motivates you and work hard.
    • Seek and propose new motivating challenges.
  • Focus on value and outcome delivery
    • Be aware of the value of each action you take.
    • Do not do anything just for the sake of “doing something” or because you have been told that “this is the right thing to do”.
    • Be clear about the outcome you want to generate.
    • Deliver what you have committed to.
    • Do everything possible to limit/reduce the number of incidents.
  • Focus on objectives and results
    • Set clear goals and take action to achieve them. 
    • Stay aligned with the company’s purpose, vision and strategy. 
    • Review the objectives set and be critical of them. Redefine them if necessary. 
    • Don’t get discouraged if you don’t achieve an objective, learn from what happened and improve the process with what you have learned.
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