Celebrating my first year at AIDA

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Written by Amador López Parra, developer engineer at AIDA.

The imposter syndrome is difficult to bear in all professions. I’ve been carrying this burden on my back since I started in the world of software development. Maybe it’s because I ended up in this wonderful profession by chance, without ever having thought that I could dedicate myself to writing code.

It’s been a year since I started this adventure in AIDA, which came full of illusion and uncertainty. Of course, every time I start a new project, the voice of that little impostor comes with me. And even more so when I join AIDA, a company that wants clean, sustainable and understandable code. But not only outwardly as marketing, but every day it does everything possible so that those of us who are working here have in mind to do things well.

The principles are “simple”: coding using BDD&TDD (behavioural and test-driven development), implementing SOLID principles and relying on agile methodologies to get the job done. And once again, there was the voice of my companion to tell me that it was a challenge I would not overcome.

However, I wanted to try and I found three great reinforcements during the process:

  • Specific and tutored training that the company provides you with and that you go through when you join AIDA. It is like one of those accelerators that are now available for StartUps, but aimed at new members of the company, so that they can start internalizing TDD (if they don’t already have it), recognising “code smells”, applying the calisthenics rules for Object Oriented Programming and achieving clean code. In other words, it is not a “read a PDF and do a test”.
  • Technical team leader, who constantly helps you not to forget the knowledge you are learning and guides and helps you in difficult moments. The concept of leader must be emphasized. This figure is not a voice that puts pressure on you because you need to reach objectives; it is a figure that helps you in your integration process in the company, who advises you in the development of your work and has the necessary capacity to guide you on a day-to-day basis.
  • AIDA Culture. I like to think of the company as a living entity despite its age. Far from remaining anchored in established and immovable procedures, it continuously seeks continuous improvement always based on the welfare of employees. It is a company where people matter and their needs and situations are valued so that both the employee and the company can reach the top. In addition, it seems that in this company there is a certain gift for hiring “good people” and this is noticeable in every interaction, no matter what type it is.

Based on these three pillars, I have been getting to know the people who work at AIDA thanks to the fact that the company is also concerned with establishing connections, building team spirit and a sense of belonging. 

Throughout this year we have been able to do “Escape Rooms”, get to know the “hidden” talents of my colleagues and break the ice with questions for the shy ones. Not to mention the sessions where we share knowledge, doubts, interests and even how to make the best “cachopo”.

This helps my companion not to have the option of attacking with the possible lack of integration in the “group”. You have to be alert because this voice does not stop and any help is good.

I have not wanted, with this writing, to give the false sensation that I had the infallible recipe to get rid of this syndrome. I only wanted to convey how it has helped me this year. 

So, these words are to thank all the people who have accompanied me in this adventure, whatever their position, as they have contributed in some way so that I could believe in my possibilities and with my effort reach my first year in AIDA.

Thank you very much and I hope I can also help other people to have a birthday in AIDA 😀.

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