Give your best and grow together

AIDA has gone through many stages. Years of learning, of successes and failures, of sadness and joy and we can say, with pride, that each of us has given the best of ourselves, we have supported each other as a family and we have grown together.

In recent years we are experiencing a sweet moment characterized by rapid growth and, inevitably, rapid adaptation. This has meant that we have had to learn, apply what we learn, make mistakes and relearn again.

To this day, we continue to do so and we have the necessary mechanisms to work in an organized environment, with focus and, above all, that takes care of the people who make it up.

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Our fundamental pillars

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Each of the people who make up AIDA


Our greatest value, which is why we try to listen and adapt to your needs, enhance your skills and offer opportunities for growth.

Always respecting and supporting the family balance of each one.

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Focus our work on objectives


Reducing administrative processes that can block our daily work.

We are committed to team self-management, innovation and the nature of taking risks and making mistakes.

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Training and innovation


Training processes, collaborators who help us in our learning, attending events, meeting people who can inspire us, trying new ideas or processes, new roles, crazy ideas…

We love to experiment.

Our principles


Aspire to excellence

  • We work every day to achieve excellence at work.
  • We recognize that being good is not enough in such a competitive sector.
  • We set high standards and do not settle for mediocrity.

Drive change

  • We question why things are done the way they are done.
  • We propose changes that help improve any aspect of the company.
  • We take risks, make mistakes and learn from them.
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Feed positivity

  • We aspire to be positive with each other.
  • We brighten the day of our colleagues, which helps us ourselves.
  • We promote the possibility of clarifying things before assuming anything, if we do not like something, before making a decision or giving an opinion about it.

Promote humility

  • We like to think that we recognize mistakes and learn from them.
  • We keep an open mind if a colleague offers us constructive feedback (they do so because they appreciate us and want us to evolve).
  • We apologize if it is necessary for us or someone else.
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Improve every day

  • We care about continually developing our skills and knowledge.
  • We request the resources we need to achieve excellence.
  • We ask for active feedback from other team members.
  • We share with the boss what motivates us and makes us work better.
  • We look for and propose new motivating challenges.
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Help others be the bests

  • We share knowledge, skill and experience.
  • We collaborate with colleagues to overcome challenges and achieve objectives.
  • We rejoice in the achievements of others as if they were our own.
  • We give constructive feedback to help others improve..
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Delivery and results

Focused on delivering value and results

  • We try to be aware of the value of every action you take.
  • We don’t do anything just for the sake of “doing something” or because we’ve been told that “it’s the right thing to do.”
  • We are clear about the result we want to obtain.
  • We fulfill what we have committed to do.
  • We do everything possible to limit or reduce the number of incidents.

Continuous progress

We seek to maintain motivation

  • We set clear objectives and act to achieve them.
  • We remain aligned with the company’s purpose, vision and strategy.
  • We review the established objectives and are critical of them. If necessary, we redefine them.
  • We do not get discouraged if we do not achieve a goal. You have to learn from what happened and improve the process with what you learn.
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