Diler, the dealer’s sales revolution

by | May 5, 2023 | AIDA, SIMA Suite | 0 comments

SIMA Suite adds a new app to the ecosystem, Diler. The aim is to help salesmen to make easier their job by offering a modern tool, that can be accessed from everywhere and from every device computer, tablet, or mobile. 

The final goal is to cover both, new and used vehicles, with the same processes and tools. This opens up a whole range of possibilities due to adapting to the current needs of digital journeys of customers and users.

Currently covers the new vehicle process for the Spanish market, where it has been piloted in a dealer for the last three months. Now it is under rollout for the rest of the dealers.

Diler drives the salesman to create sales processes where the user can add several offers with different vehicles from the dealer’s stock, network stock, including orders, and finally configurations, done with the own configurator or imported from OEMs configurators.

What’s next?

Then it is planned to include the used vehicle offers. Finally, be able to go to the current countries using SIMA Suite. We planned to internationalize it in 2024.

Also, it is being analyzed to include the needs for the Agency model several European brands are pushing.

Besides other new features that will help the dealer to offer the best experience for the final customer.

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