Improving dealers interfaces: Stock, prices and Dealer Invoices

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We have been introducing new methods and API´s to provide more information to external systems.

Stock information

Our Ordering system now offers a streamlined way for importers and dealers to track vehicle orders and stock. With the new feature in the Vehicle Orders interface, you’ll get detailed insights into your dealership’s available stock. This includes both unassigned vehicles ready for sale and those already allocated to customers but not yet delivered.

Price information

Wondering about vehicle prices? Our system now allows you to easily request current vehicle prices from the importer. You’ll receive comprehensive pricing details, including both tax-exclusive and tax-inclusive rates. Keep in mind, this is a standard solution. If your market has specific tax requirements, the system may need some adjustments to cater to these unique needs.

Invoice information for dealer integration

We’ve introduced a convenient way for dealers to integrate essential invoice information directly into their Dealer Management Systems (DMS). This not only covers basic details like the issuer, recipient, and vehicle info, but also includes comprehensive data on taxes, services, and more. As with pricing, this is a standard solution and might require customization for markets with unique tax regulation

You can get more information about these and other methods here!!

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