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Escrito por Borja Navarro , Head of product en AIDA.

In recent years, the used car has taken on significant prominence for customers seeking a new vehicle. The search begins on various used car portals, whether they are dealership-specific or public in general.

SIMA now boasts a more efficient process for creating higher-quality listings, including images and equipment details, as well as improved price management, among other features.

To enhance the quality of vehicle data in your listings, in addition to the Carfax integration released a few months ago, you can now add equipment at any time, not just during the appraisal process. When you go to publish, SIMA will alert you if you’re attempting to post a vehicle without equipment.

In the case of large repurchases of used vehicles, you can take advantage of the new bulk pricing update feature to save time when setting prices for similar fleets.

When it comes to vehicle images, there are some technical improvements to ensure more efficient publication and reduce the user’s workload. You can now upload multiple images simultaneously instead of one by one as before.

Remember that with SIMA, you already have the ability to track the expenses associated with vehicle reconditioning to make more accurate profitability calculations for your sales; you just need to configure it correctly.

In future versions, we have planned enhancements to help dealers maximize their sales and streamline their used vehicle management.

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