SIMA Suite adds Porsche to the list of brands with essential interfaces in the workshop

by | Jan 16, 2023 | SIMA Suite | 0 comments

These new interfaces are implemented following the recommendations and requirements of Porsche After Sales DMS Integration strategy. They help with the daily work of customer agents, service advisors, mechanics, and other roles in the workshop. Two new interfaces have been added to the existing catalog: VIN Inquiry and Repair order integration

“Reduce administrative time and avoid errors”

VIN Inquiry

VIN Inquiry helps customer agents and service advisors to see in the DMS information related to the vehicle: general information, equipment, warranty, and, campaigns. That without having to go to manufacturer tools and integrated them into the core processes in SIMA.

Very helpful is also the possibility to create the vehicle if does not exist in SIMA avoiding manual work that impacts time reduction during appointment creation and preparation.

The third important feature is that campaigns are shown in the core process to avoid losing them because the user can also add campaigns as jobs to the order.

Repair order integration

The second interface is the Repair order integration which reduces considerably the time dedicated to administrative tasks such as load jobs and working with positions. This new connection allows bi-directional workshop order synchronization between PCSS and SIMA transferring all the jobs and position modifications done on the other side during the whole service process.

Also has a big impact on warranty claims avoiding and reducing errors due to being use always original labor positions that will be claimed later.

Other remarkable topic is related to campaigns that can be imported from PCSS being added to the repair order with the whole definition and positions, reducing manual work and errors related. Those campaigns are already prepared for later claiming in SIMA.

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