SIMA Suite Online appointment new version

by | Mar 28, 2023 | SIMA Suite | 0 comments

SIMA Suite has a new version of the Online Appointment that offers a new experience for the final customer and agent.

First of all, with the customer in the center, this new version is more user-friendly. Visually is less intrusive for the customer offering a better mobile experience by improving some unexpected behaviors observed. Also, loading times have been reduced drastically, and, the transition between steps is smoother.

On the other hand, it also helps agents and service advisors to reduce preparation time. In case the field campaigns are managed in SIMA Suite or there is an interface with the OEM, the new online appointment is able to have the time into account for the workshop availability reserving a more realistic time to avoid conflicts afterward. The campaigns will be added to the workshop order as new jobs.

Besides, it can be configured to automatically, based on some rules, assign the order to a mechanic. It is very useful in small workshops, with few mechanics for example.

The direct impact of this functionality:

  • Automatic assignment of the vehicle to the appointment reduces the handling time by 30 seconds per appointment.
  • Automatic assignment of active campaigns associated with the vehicle’s chassis, reduction of 20 seconds per appointment.
  • Up to 1-minute reduction in mechanics’ workload planning as this process management is eliminated.

Finally, this new version will make easier new features that are being planned.

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