Sowing professional success at the ULPGC

by | Mar 22, 2024 | AIDA | 0 comments

Another year, we’ve had the honor of sharing knowledge and experiences with the students from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which we believe will assist them before they start their immersion into the job market.

In the talk, we emphasized the importance of understanding what professional success means to them, making them see that this concept is entirely personal and variable, as it depends on the goals, values, and expectations each person has at different moments in their life.

Being this an essential step before diving into the job market, we also showed them the need to know what their strengths are as professionals, as well as the aspects they are working on to improve. By doing so, it shows maturity to be able to identify improvement points and tools to solve them. This point will help them, not only to get to know themselves and evolve but also to demonstrate, in future interviews, a very valuable skill: the identification and resolution of problems.

Furthermore, we explained the importance of being able to work alongside companies like Manfred, which are responsible for connecting professionals and companies with common goals. The added value of Manfred not only lies in this but also, they are concerned about getting to know and closely monitor each person’s needs in a very close and personal way. This type of companies greatly facilitate the integration into the job market in a safer and more efficient manner.

And, finally, among many other tips about skills, interviews, etc., we also gave them examples of how to evolve and modernize their resumes, innovating in the format and showing, not only their current experience and trajectory but also what they aim to achieve and the path they would like to take. How do you imagine your future “self”? In this way, they will be able to make themselves much better known and overcome the first filter of the curriculum vitae.

After the talk, several very interesting questions arose from the students, which strengthened the previously explained concepts and showed a high level of commitment and interest towards their future professional careers.

We hope to repeat this for many more years!

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