Taking care of our team!

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In the current world, there is no doubt that workplace well-being is a fundamental concern for both employees and organizations. Both at Grupo Domingo Alonso and AIDA, we are aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy and positive work environment for our team. That’s why we have implemented a series of initiatives to ensure that each and every one of us can enjoy enviable occupational health. In this article, we want to share some of the actions we have taken to transform our work environment and improve our quality of life. Keep reading and discover how we take care of each other!

Flexibility in action!

  1. At AIDA, we love the idea that each and every one of us achieves the perfect balance between work and personal life. That’s why we have implemented flexible work policies. What does that mean? It means we have the freedom to adapt our work schedules according to our personal needs and responsibilities. Whether it’s attending family events or taking the car to the mechanic, flexibility allows us to live a more balanced and relaxed life.

Personal and professional development to the max.

  1. Who doesn’t love to grow both personally and professionally? At AIDA, we understand the importance of continuous learning and improvement. That’s why we offer training and development programs that cover technical skills, soft skills, and stress management. This way, we not only become more competent in what we do, but we also learn to face challenges with a positive and confident attitude. All of this is accompanied by individualized follow-ups through 1:1 meetings and performance evaluations.

Let’s speak up without fear!

  1. Open and honest communication is essential for all of us who are part of AIDA to feel included and heard. Here, we value everyone’s opinions and want them to feel valued. That’s why we have created communication channels where we can express our ideas, concerns, and suggestions. We also regularly meet to stay informed about important changes and decisions. Transparency and participation are key in our big team!

Having fun while working (and not the other way around)

  1. A positive work environment fosters collaboration, creativity, and innovation. That’s why fostering good relationships among all AIDA teams is so important because it provides us with the freedom and confidence to express our opinions calmly. For this reason, we have forums where we can step away from our day-to-day tasks to get to know each other on a personal level, have fun, and create stronger bonds among us.

We care about the well-being of everyone. With initiatives such as flexibility, personal development, and a good atmosphere, we ensure that each person feels happy and motivated. We are a big team that strives to take care of each other.

If you also want to work in an environment where one of the priorities is your well-being, don’t hesitate any longer and apply for one of our active offers. We are waiting for you!

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