Technological services
and software development

Result of the Domingo Alonso Group’s commitment to innovation and the development of new technologies both nationally and internationally. We are experts in the automobile industry and we operate in two large areas:


IT and Development.

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Security, support and Systems.

We use the latest technologies available to offer the best service to our clients.

We advise companies in the implementation of our products with the most appropriate infrastructure for each company and with specialized technical support. The need to always offer innovative solutions and our strong vocation towards customer satisfaction define our work.

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Development and continuous delivery

  • We continually improve and expand our business.
  • We work with an agile methodology of short iterations.
  • We seek maximum value for the business.
  • We develop Minimum Viable Products (MVP).
  • We have teams trained technically and in the business.
  • We promote shared knowledge and continuous training.
  • Extreme programming (XP) and Lean in our daily lives.
  • BDD&TDD (Behavioral and Test-Based Development).
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Our family of companies

We belong to the Domingo Alonso Group, with more than 1,500 people dedicated to mobility and vehicle distribution in more than 35 countries.

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Volkswagen Importer

Since 1953, importer for the Volkswagen Group. Also for other brands such as Hyundai, Honda, Electric Motorbikes, etc.


More than 85 years of experience in the automotive sector.

Solid financial structure

Volkswagen Finance “A” rated solvency indicator.

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Sales leader in the market

With Volkswagen since 2006 and AUDI in the premium market since 2010.


Currently present in more than 25 markets.

Current mobility

Promoter of new mobility: car & motorcycle sharing, flexible rental…

Work with us

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The best quality

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Agile methodologies

Alta satisfacción con nuestros clientes

Customer Support

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Experience that supports us

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SIMA is a fully integrated IMS and DMS system that communicates with manufacturers’ systems and interfaces. Following the brands’ processes, it implements the necessary processes to manage the business in three fully integrated solutions with data sharing: sales, service and spare parts. The design is completely customizable to the brand’s guidelines: it has interface connectors, factory integration, multi-language, multi-currency, etc.c.

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They trust us

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